Published on May 04, 2018

Johnson Retires from NMMC after 26 Years

TUPELO, Miss. - Linda Johnson, CLPN with the Cardiac Observation Unit, recently retired from North Mississippi Medical Center with 26 years of service.

Johnson lives in the country about midway between Rienzi and Biggersville, next door to the house she grew up in. Soon after graduating from Kossuth High School, she worked as a nursing assistant at the Corinth hospital. She then worked at the Garan factory for 20 years.

She worked as a nursing assistant at the Booneville hospital while studying to become a licensed practical nurse through Northeast Mississippi Community College. She joined the NMMC staff as an LPN on 5 West in January 1992.

During her career, she has also worked on 3 West, 2 West and 3 South, plus she has been pulled to work on most every other floor at one time or another over the years. She preferred to work the night shift, which she did for all but about two years of her tenure.

Since retiring, she has enjoyed spending more time with Bo, her husband of 48 years. The Johnsons have two sons—Jesse (wife Nicole) and Adam (wife Sue)—and two grandchildren—Brooklyn Leann and Gracelyn Faith, who will both soon be 2 years old. Now that she is retired, she’s more available to keep the cousins, who were born 10 days apart and live nearby.

As for hobbies, Johnson says after babysitting all day, “all I feel like doing is sitting down and maybe reading a book.” The family attends Cedar Grove Pentecostal Church in Tupelo.

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