Published on April 12, 2018

NMMC-Iuka Celebrates National Occupational Therapy Month

IUKA, Miss.—On March 17, 1917, six individuals – a nurse, doctor, psychiatrist, secretary, teacher, social worker and two architects - came together to establish the profession of occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy is a health care career that uses activities, also called “occupations,” to treat patients and help restore their independence with everyday activities such as bathing and getting dressed. While many people are not familiar with occupational therapy, professionals in this field played essential roles throughout American history—including providing skilled care and treatment for thousands of wounded soldiers returning from World War I. These occupational therapists, at that time called “reconstruction aides,” provided activities to restore the lost independence of those brave men and women during and following the war.

Today, occupational therapy is provided not only in the hospitals, but in other settings, such as nursing homes, schools and the community. At North Mississippi Medical Center-Iuka, occupational therapy is provided for outpatient therapy services, swing bed rehabilitation, and inpatient acute care, with expanded services to treat the children of the Tishomingo County School District.

Now, 101 years later, occupational therapy continues to use activities to help individuals, both young and old, live life to its fullest potential. NMMC-Iuka is proud to offer occupational therapy services for this community, along with comprehensive physical and speech therapy programs. Physician referral is required. For more information, call (662) 423-4058.

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