Published on November 12, 2018

Wellness Center Offers New Shoulder Health & Performance Program

WEST POINT, Miss.—The North Mississippi Medical Center-West Point Wellness Center now offers Crossover Symmetry, a shoulder health and performance program.

“One goal is to help dramatically decrease shoulder pain and increase mobility within 30 days,” said Tracy Stebbins Arnett, exercise physiologist and director of the NMMC-West Point Wellness Center. “Another goal is to prevent rotator cuff injuries."

Bubba Jones, for one, is a believer. “I could lift my left arm about shoulder height, but after that it would start hurting really bad,” said Jones, a West Point firefighter for 19 years. “Before it would hurt every now and then, and then clear up for a couple of months. But about a year ago it started being annoying—a dull pain all the time “

He was losing sleep because he could never get comfortable at night.“ I was about to go talk to someone about surgery,” he said. “It was hurting that bad.”

Arnett noticed Jones struggling during his workouts and proposed he try the new program. “Now I go every morning before work, and it really seems to be working,” he said. “Within two weeks I could tell the pain was not nearly as bad, and I got some increased range of motion. If I don’t go do that little 20-minute workout, I can tell. It’ll start hurting again.”

The Wellness Center’s 30-day shoulder membership with specialized equipment and one-on-one daily instruction by staff is $50 for nonmembers. Members can take advantage of the program for $30. The program requires physician clearance.

Developed by top sports physical therapists, athletes and coaches, Crossover Symmetry exercises are performance-based and target common deficiencies and muscle imbalances. This program is ideal for athletes and active individuals 13 or older, however, it has proven beneficial for older adults and anyone with shoulder issues, regardless of fitness level.

Rather than target specific muscle groups, Crossover Symmetry programs focus on movement patterns. Each exercise has a specific purpose and sequence to effectively address posture, scapula stability and rotator cuff function.

“Crossover Symmetry focuses on certain muscles that are sometimes overlooked. What we usually do in a gym is train the deltoid muscles, but there are four small rotator cuff muscles that also need attention,” she said. “When your foundation is strong, you are less likely to experience injury.”

For more information about Crossover Symmetry, call the Wellness Center at (662) 495-WELL(9355).

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