Published on August 29, 2019

Crosswhite Family Expands at NMMC

Crosswhite Family

NMMC employs four members of the Crosswhite family—Ronnie, Tyler, Brad and Megan.

TUPELO, Miss.—Ronnie Crosswhite, a pharmacist for 37 years at North Mississippi Medical Center, can now count all three of his children as coworkers.

Ronnie joined the NMMC staff in 1982 and served as assistant director of Pharmacy at NMMC-Tupelo from 1985-2010, when he accepted a position at NMMC-West Point to be closer to his mother, who needed assistance. In 2017, he moved his mother to Tupelo and transferred to Home Infusion Services.

Dr. Brad Crosswhite, Ronnie’s son, trained with NMMC’s Family Medicine Residency Program from 2007-2010. He worked at Barnes Crossing Medical Clinic until 2014, when he transferred to IMA-Tupelo. He also serves as regional medical director for North Mississippi Medical Clinics and medical director of North Mississippi Connected Care Alliance.

Brad says he knew from a very early age that he wanted to be a physician because he spent so much time at NMMC with his father. Participating in medical mission trips to Honduras during college solidified his desire to serve others through medicine.

Daughter Megan Crosswhite Doxey has been a pharmacist with NMMC’s Outpatient Infusion Services since 2014, having worked there part-time as a technician while in pharmacy school. “As a child, I knew I wanted to work in a field that would allow me to either help sick patients or help sick animals,” Megan said. “My dad's enthusiasm for his job and dedication to his career greatly influenced my decision to become a pharmacist.”

“Megan worked as a pharmacist at Home Infusion before I came back to work here,” her father Ronnie said. “It was humbling having her knowing more about this area of pharmacy practice than me who had been practicing for over 40 years. She was able to teach an old dog new tricks.”

“I never in a million years thought I would be working with my dad. His high-energy personality can be challenging at times, especially during his computer training,” Megan quipped. “But I feel very blessed to have not only him, but also both of my brothers, as part of my health care team.”

Youngest son Tyler Crosswhite is the most recent family member to join NMMC. Having completed his medical degree in May, Tyler is now a resident at the NMMC Family Medicine Residency Center.

All four have a doctoral degree—Ronnie and Megan are Pharm.D.s while Brad and Tyler are M.D.s. The Crosswhites all attended the University of Mississippi—Ronnie and Megan for pharmacy school and Brad and Tyler for medical school. Wife and mom Kathy attended Ole Miss for a year before graduating from Mississippi State University with a teaching degree and has never worked at NMMC. Kathy keeps Megan’s 4-year-old daughter, Harper, while Megan works.

Growing up with two pharmacists and a physician at home, Tyler says he was always interested in medicine. Traveling with his family on Honduran mission trips also shaped his penchant for medicine.

Having so many Dr. Crosswhites on staff does at times have its quirks. “It is funny starting a new position at NMMC with my sister, brother and father already here. Every time I introduce myself as a Crosswhite, somebody has an interesting story about someone in my family,” Tyler said.

“People often get my dad and me mixed up in sending e-mails since our names are both Ronald Crosswhite, so we get each other’s e-mails quite often,” Brad said. “He is Ronald Joe and goes by Ronnie; I am Ronald Bradley and go by Brad. Now that my brother, Tyler, has started his residency here I’ll probably end up getting paged a lot from people expecting to get him.” 

“All three kids have never known anything else other than NMMC. I guess somewhere along the way, they saw how blessed I was to work in a family environment that could have such a positive impact on our community and see how family and friends are helped daily by our system,” Ronnie said. “It made me proud when Brad chose to come to NMMC out of medical school for our Family Medicine Residency Program. Then having Megan choose to come back to NMMC to work. The icing on the cake was when Tyler decided to join the Family Medicine Residency Program this year. I have been so blessed working here. I just pray NMMC will bless my kids as it has done me and my family over the years.”

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