Published on October 25, 2019

New Option for Women Having C-Sections at NMMC

Baby being delivered by C-Section. you can see the baby through a clear drape. Women who deliver their babies by caesarean section at the NMMC Women’s Hospital in Tupelo now have a new option that makes it possible for them to witness the birth of their baby.

C-sections typically involve a solid blue drape that is placed in front of the mother’s head, not only to create a sterile field for the operation, but to shield the mother from seeing her doctor begin the surgery. Today, three women were offered the opportunity to use a clear drape.

“Right after the baby is born in a c-section, the mom can’t see anything,” said Dr. Rachel Garner, who was the first to offer this to her patient today. “We would let her peek over the curtain and eventually hold the baby up for her to see, but there isn’t much time before the baby has to be taken away while the mom’s surgery is completed. Today, the mom and dad were able to see everything. They saw me pull the baby out, and they got to see the baby’s first cry. This allowed her to be much more involved and be a true part of the process.”

Dr. Garner says the surgery will still start like always – with the solid blue drape in place. But just before it’s time to deliver the baby, the mother will have the option of dropping the blue drape so she can see her baby through the clear drape.

Ahmija Weatherspoon of Tupelo was the first today to choose this option. She delivered her second baby via c-section. “It was so emotional,” Weatherspoon says. “My boyfriend loved it too – he had the biggest smile and couldn’t wait to tell family about getting to see her immediately. I cried because I was so happy to get to see her right away.”

Stephanie Clayton, RN, who works in the operating room, says in the past the mother might even feel left out because she couldn’t see everything take place. “The mother can now be more involved and it’s much closer to the experience a mother has during a vaginal delivery,” she says.

Amber McCarty, surgery scrub technician, says the best part of this new option is that mothers don’t have to rely on others in the room to tell them about their baby. “We always tell the mother that her baby is beautiful,” McCarty says. “We tell her what color the baby’s hair is, count their fingers and toes, and tell her how well the baby is doing. Now, the mom can see that for herself. If I was having a c-section, this is what I would want. The staff in the OR has had such a great day because our moms have been so happy to get that moment with their baby.”

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