Published on October 18, 2019

NMMC Honors Volunteers with Service Awards

TUPELO, Miss.—North Mississippi Medical Center volunteers were honored Oct. 11 at the Volunteer of the Year and Awards Luncheon. To learn more about volunteer opportunities throughout NMMC, visit

Most hours 2018-2019Honored for the highest number of service hours logged in 2018-2019 are (from left) Nancy Grissom, 603; Darlea Heitger, 702; Margret Collins, 750 hours; Bettina King, 815, and Bob Stanley, 925.

75 Hours

Honorees with 75 service hours include (from left) Beverly Bagley, Flora Brownlee, Jean Hastings and Sonny Vinson. Krista Abercrombie, Brenda Clark, Judy Overall, Carol Smith, Louise Smith and Lisa Stegall were also honored for 75 hours of service. Honored for 50 hours of service were Priscilla Braddock, Joshua Brown, Barney Guyton, Dianne Guyton, Dorothy Scheuer, Bill Wardlaw, Phyllis Wardlaw, Candace Weaver and Sallie Wilkerson.

100-200 hours

Honorees include (from left) Ann Parmer, 200 hours; Betty Davis, 100 hours; Betty Shane, 100 hours; and Norma Pettigrew, 200 hours. Other recipients included Linda Correll, Betty Lee Marshall, Brenda Presley and Margaret Stewart, 100 hours; Margie Langston and Margaret Stewart 150 hours; Misty Caldwell, Susan Fitzner, Betty Reedy, Arlene Langley and Donna McCullough, 200 hours.

300-550 hours

Honorees include (from left) Tricia Goldman, 400 hours; Henryella Smith, 400 hours; May Frances Cobb, 450 hours; Deloris Fields-Jenkins, 550 hours; May Frazier, 300 hours; Rebecca Carlton, 550 hours; and Kazuko Kojima, 350 hours. Other recipients included Bill Pickens, 300 hours; Michelle Hunt, 350 hours; Della Perry, 400 hours; Laura Borcicky and Douglas Wagner, 550 hours.

1300-2150 hours

Honorees include (from left) Betty Thomas, 2,150 hours, Cheryl Storey and Lynn Vuncannon and Gloria Williams, 1,300 hours, Michael Goins, 1,400 hours, Liz Fuller and Shirley Anderson, 1,500 hours and Margaret Baker, 1,800 hours. Other recipients included Jean Vickers, 1,400 hours; Mary Samuels, 1,600 hours; Clara Jaggers, 1,700 hours; Idella Crawford, 1,800 hours; and Betty Coward, 2,150 hours.

650-1250 hours

Honorees include (from left) David Hastings, 200 hours; Louis Dearman, 850 hours; Terri Cummings, 900 hours; Janice Scales, 1,100 hours; Theresa Smith, 1,100 hours; Bettina King, 1,200 hours; and Jane Fielder, 1,250 hours. Other recipients included Minnie Harper, 650 hours; George Bogardus, 700 hours; Ken Krason, Robert Porter and Kelly Wilson, 800 hours; Sandy Yang, 1,000 hours; and Carolyn Brown, 1,100 hours.

2400-3000 hours

Honorees include (from left) Nancy Grissom and Virginia Allred, 2,400 hours; Georgia Taylor, 2,500 hours; Fran Herring, 2,700 hours; Wilma Trice, 2,500 hours; and Darlea Heitger, 3,000 hours. Other recipients included Phyllis Lendon, 2,400 hours; Jean Jacobs, 2,500 hours; and Ruth Baldwyn, 2,700 hours.

3700 + hours

Honorees include (from left) Mary Johnson, 4,300 hours; Erie Wheeler, 4,000 hours; Pauline Goree, 4,500 hours; Margret Collins, 8,900 hours; and Bob Stanley, 10,100 hours. Other recipients included Jeanette Fandel, 3,700 hours; Lela Finney, 4,000 hours; Esther Brown, 4,400 hours; Elvira Blanchard, 5,900 hours; and Suzanne Coggin, 14,000 hours.

New volunteers

Honored as new volunteers at North Mississippi Medical Center are (from left) Ana Mann and Sandi Mitchell. Awdry Aurre, Katherine Hatchett, Jackie Massey, Wendy Pace, Melissa Rice and Rachel Wood are also new volunteers.

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