Published on October 28, 2020

Baldwyn Nursing Facility Volunteer Takes Turn as Resident

Jean JacobsBALDWYN, Miss.—Jean Jacobs is no stranger at Baldwyn Nursing Facility. Her mother, aunt and daughter all formerly lived there, and she has volunteered at Baldwyn Nursing Facility for about 20 years—helping with bingo, birthday parties and other festivities. But recently, the tables turned.

In early October, Jacobs was diagnosed with COVID-19 at her local clinic. “I didn’t feel that bad,” Jacobs says. “It felt like a sinus infection.” Three or four days later, however, she took a turn for the worse. “I felt so bad, I knew I couldn’t go any more,” Jacobs says, so she called 9-1-1 to send an ambulance to her home.

Jacobs was admitted to North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, where she spent several days being treated for COVID-19. “When I left the hospital, I couldn’t stand up, at least not by myself,” she says. She was transferred from NMMC to Baldwyn Nursing Facility for nursing care and rehabilitation. Physical therapy staff has worked with Jacobs to help her regain her strength so she can return home soon. After so many years as a family member and volunteer at Baldwyn Nursing Facility, becoming a temporary resident has felt “very strange” for Jacobs, who looks forward to one day returning as a volunteer. However, she’s thankful for the care she has received. “I have been very satisfied with the experience I have had while I’ve been here,” she adds.

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