Published on January 16, 2020

Elvis Movie Posters on Display at NMMC

Elvis posters on display

A complete collection of 33 original Elvis movie posters now lines both walls on the first floor of NMMC’s East Tower. The posters are on loan from longtime Tupelo residents Buddy McCarty and Guy Mitchell.

Elvis posters on displayTUPELO, Miss.—Elvis is in the building… well, sort of. A full collection of original Elvis movie posters is now on display on the first floor of North Mississippi Medical Center’s East Tower.

The advertising posters for all 33 of Elvis’ movies are on loan from Buddy McCarty and Guy Mitchell, both lifelong Tupelo residents. “I’ve been told that ours is one of only four complete collections in existence,” McCarty said. In order to be considered an original advertising poster, the poster had to have been folded in a certain way and mailed to a movie theater.

Another longtime Tupelo resident, Jim High, amassed the collection many years ago with the help of some friends. Interestingly, one of those friends was Dr. Ken Davis, former chief medical officer at NMMC. When the group decided to sell the collection, McCarty and Mitchell went in together and bought them.

Once they had the posters, the next decision was what to do with them. “I thought about the Tupelo Automobile Museum, which was fairly new at that time, because the museum displayed a car that was once owned by Elvis,” McCarty said. “Jane Spain said they would love to have them, so we loaned the posters to the museum in 2005.”

The movie posters remained on display at the Tupelo Automobile Museum until 2019, when the museum closed. That’s when McCarty and Mitchell asked Todd Davis, NMMC’s vice president of facilities management, if the hospital would be interested in displaying the collection. “Guy and I were determined to find a home for them in Tupelo,” said McCarty, whose son Richmond is a physician with North Mississippi Medical Clinics at Saltillo Medical Clinic and a seventh generation Tupeloan.

The posters, which line both walls of NMMC’s East Tower’s first floor corridor near Subway, Chick-fil-A and the elevators,  have been well-received by staff, patients and visitors. To the generous benefactors, we say “Thank you, Thank you very much.”

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