Published on January 23, 2020

Fred Truesdale Honored for 13 Years at NMMC-Iuka

Fred Truesdale retirementIUKA, Miss.—Fred Truesdale, administrator at North Mississippi Medical Center-Iuka, recently retired with 13 years of service.

Truesdale worked in health care for 43 years, and says when he first joined NMMC-Iuka he knew he had “inherited” a great group of employees.

“The staff at this hospital was great when I started and they continued to be the best thing,” he said.

While he’s seen his share of changes in health care, he says the biggest was how Health Information, or medical records, has moved into a “front and center role.”

NMMC-Iuka started winning awards for quality and high-value health care in 2007, and has been recognized with at least one such award every year since. Truesdale attributes the award-winning health care in a small community to the dedication of the managers at staff at NMMC-Iuka.

“We have always put a focus on talking to our patients,” he said. “Nobody here will ever say ‘that’s not my job.’ Everyone will help out in any area when it’s needed. We are like a family and our patients can see that. It’s a bright light for our community. Our folks are happy to come to work and enjoy what they do, and it shows.”

NMMC-Iuka has won the Quest Award for High-Value Health Care from Premier several times, as well as other awards for patient satisfaction.

“I didn’t win those awards though,” he said. “I just go pick them up. The staff here is who won them. We have good people here and we are blessed to have a great community to serve.”

Now that Truesdale is retired, he looks forward to spending more time with his family. He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 40 years. She works as a librarian at Iuka Elementary School and is retiring at the end of this year. They have two sons who live in Nashville, one of whom has two daughters and one has six daughters. They have one daughter who lives in Grenada and has one son.

“My children and their spouses all have full-time jobs, so now that I’m retired I want to go help them take their children to ballgames and whatever after-school activities they have,” he said. “Otherwise, I’m looking forward to not being in a hurry every day and taking things day by day.”

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