Published on July 24, 2020

NMMC Acquires Negative Pressure Containment Stretcher for Critical Care Transport Unit

negative pressure isolation cell for transportTUPELO, Miss.—North Mississippi Medical Center has purchased north Mississippi’s first negative pressure containment stretcher to allow the transport of patients without exposing staff to COVID-19.

This negative pressure isolation cell will be used for transporting patients on NMMC’s Critical Care Transport unit. The containment stretcher is under negative pressure, which prevents pathogenic microorganisms like the virus from leaking into the environment and contaminating staff. The technology is the same as that used in hospital rooms of COVID-19 patients.

The negative pressure is provided by a filter engine attached to the foot end of the unit. The unit also includes two “gloves” that allow staff to manipulate patients while protected.

NMMC’s Critical Care Transport unit is used along with CareFlight medical helicopter to transport critically ill patients from hospitals throughout the region to NMMC in Tupelo, the only Level II Trauma Center in the north half of Mississippi. The Critical Care Transport vehicle is staffed 24 hours daily by a team of registered nurses, paramedics and EMTs who have received advanced critical training to care for acutely ill patients.

CareFlight medical helicopter will soon be outfitted with a negative pressure containment stretcher as well.

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