Published on November 20, 2020

NMMC Recognized as Leading Innovator for Rapid Development of COVID-19 Response

Meet My Loved one exampleNorth Mississippi Medical Center is pleased to announce it has been named a 2020 Leading Innovator by Press Ganey for its “Meet My Loved One” project.

Press Ganey’s Leading Innovators Program honors clients for rapid development and implementation of innovative approaches to addressing challenges facing the health care industry, including those brought about by the relentless spread of COVID-19. Many of the innovations developed in direct response to the pandemic have emerged as invaluable practices that will continue to transform the safety, quality and experience of care long after the crisis has passed.

The “Meet My Loved One” concept was created by UAB, and with permission, NMMC palliative care and patient experience teams collaborated to adapt it to fit the needs of the NMMC COVID-19 unit.

Physicians and staff don't physically enter the rooms of COVID-19 patients as often in order to limit exposure to the virus. Instead, they are examining the patient through the window to the room. The palliative care and patient experience teams developed a card that would help providers get to know their patients and enable clinicians to provide holistic care. NMMC staff call the patient’s family to ask if they would like to participate and to gather the information needed for the cards. Then, the cards are posted in the window and visible to each member of the medical team.

This had an immediate positive effect on patient care.

“For weeks, we have taken care of ventilated patients, but now we’re taking care of a grandmother who loves taking her grandchildren to Chuck E. Cheese. We treat all patients with respect and dignity, but this helps us see the patient as a whole person,” one nurse wrote.

A family member wrote, “After [my dad spent] 14 days in the hospital sick, the staff finally had a way to connect to my dad and a way to help him heal at a different level. It helped the nurse to feel that she was empowered to love him well.”
“The caregivers and staff of NMMC touch the lives of patients and their families in profound ways,” said Patrick T. Ryan, chairman and chief executive officer, Press Ganey. “This recognition reflects their deep commitment to our shared mission to reduce suffering and improve the safety, quality, and experience of care. I continue to be humbled and inspired by their heroic efforts to care for patients and their caregivers in the face of the uncertainty, stress and fear brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Press Ganey is proud to partner with them in this noble work and we congratulate them on this tremendous achievement.”nurse holding mmlo form

The Leading Innovators Program was created to celebrate the spirit of innovation in the face of adversity and showcase unique success stories that positively transform the delivery of care.

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