Published on November 20, 2020

NMMC Offers COVID-19 Rehabilitation Services

TUPELO, Miss.—While much of the focus has been on acute diagnosis and treatment, it has become more apparent that many survivors of COVID-19—especially those who required prolonged hospital stays—have lasting weaknesses affecting their daily lives. North Mississippi Medical Center’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center now offers therapy for individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 but continue to experience symptoms.

NMMC’s COVID-19 Rehabilitation Team includes speech, physical and occupational therapists who work together, along with the referring provider, to improve quality of life for patients who continue to experience repercussions from this virus.

Common issues include Post-Intensive Care Syndrome, decreased endurance/fatigue, generalized weakness, cognitive issues (“COVID Brain Fog”), decreased ability to perform everyday activities such as work or hobbies, decreased independence with self-care activities such as bathing and dressing, coordination, muscle aches/pain, shortness of breath with activity, weak or hoarse voice from prolonged intubation and overall weakness, swallowing and breath support.

For more information, call (662) 377-7215 or 1-800-THE DESK (1-800-843-3375). Physician referral is required.

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