Published on January 15, 2020

NMMC Specialty Pharmacy Achieves Accreditation with ACHC

ACHC accreditation group

NMMC Specialty Pharmacy Staff (from left) Amanda Summers, Pharm.D., Specialty Pharmacy Manager; Kayla Hawkins; Reagan Criswell; Janice Meguire, CPhT; Taylor Parker; Hillary Morgan, CPhT; Ronnie Crosswhite, Pharm.D; Nikki Sanchez, CPhT; Patti Hawkins, Pharm.D., Director; and Ginger Sweeney, Pharm.D.

TUPELO, Miss.—North Mississippi Medical Center recently achieved accreditation through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for specialty pharmacy services.

“We are proud of our national accreditations because it shows our community that we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality care possible and demonstrates the level of specialty pharmacy services our patients can receive from an in-state provider,” said Patti Hawkins, Pharm.D., interim administrator for NMMC Cancer Care and Director of Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy. “Our model of care is unique and innovative in the health care industry. We have imbedded specialty pharmacy services with infusion services, which allows flexibility in providing drugs at the facility or to the patient for self-administration if appropriate. Our medication management clinic, which is a component of our Specialty Pharmacy model, is garnering attention because the way we provide care is increasing medication adherence for patients, which is important to help people stay well and manage their diseases.”

Accreditation is a process through which healthcare organizations demonstrate compliance with national standards. Accreditation by ACHC reflects an organization’s dedication and commitment to meeting standards that facilitate a higher level of performance and patient care.

ACHC is a nonprofit organization that has stood as a symbol of quality and excellence since 1986.

NMMC Specialty Pharmacy provides medication and services for patients with complex and chronic diseases, such as: cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and other digestive health conditions, ankylosing spondylitis, immune deficiencies, osteoporosis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and others. The Specialty Pharmacy offers a patient management program to help ensure that patients are able to adhere to their medications as prescribed. Staff works closely with patients and providers to manage any problems or side effects that need to be addressed.

In addition, the NMMC Specialty Pharmacy was the first hospital based program in Mississippi to be accredited by URAC, a national accrediting body that provides organizations with a standards framework that helps identify areas for improvement and promotes continuous quality improvement.

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