Published on June 03, 2021

HCF Creates New Giving Community

HCF logoTUPELO, Mississippi—The Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi just announced the creation of a new giving community – the HCF Hope Collective.

“Our hope is to strengthen our collective efforts, so that when someone in our community is in need, we are able to say yes,” said Steven Blaylock, HCF president.

The HCF Hope Collective is a community of people who commit to a monthly donation.

“It’s easy to be paralyzed by the need in our community and wonder if your contribution can make a difference,” Blaylock says. “But combined, our resources can make a huge impact. We know people want to invest in an organization that makes a meaningful impact, and this is one way to ensure that your investment makes a long-lasting difference.”

The Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi is the philanthropic arm of North Mississippi Health Services. HCF focuses on three main areas of need: patient assistance, health career scholarships and community need.

HCF holds more than 60 funds for various diagnoses and areas of care, including cancer care, diabetes, heart, social work, hospice and NICU/pediatrics, among others. Thanks to generous donations, HCF is able to:

  • Help purchase expensive medical equipment that isn’t covered by insurance
  • Provide much-needed anti-nausea medication for patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Purchase bus tickets for family members to be able to visit a patient at the end of life
  • Pay utility bills for individuals who need oxygen at home but can’t afford their electric bill
  • Buy gas cards for patients who live outside Tupelo and can’t afford the gas to drive back and forth daily for chemotherapy or radiation treatments
  • Help someone who needs to get out of a dangerous home situation into safe housing
  • Pay for baby necessities, holiday meals for parents, Wee Care Room items, and bereavement materials and funeral expenses for babies who pass away
  • Provide screening mammograms for uninsured patients

All gifts to HCF go to their intended purpose – never administrative or overhead costs.

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