Published on August 18, 2022

Amory Outpatient Rehab Team Shares Tears, Celebrations with Tate

Amy Tate receives rehab in AmoryAMORY, Mississippi—Two bad falls at home landed Amy Tate with a broken wrist and broken heel. After separate trips to North Mississippi Medical Center Emergency Departments in Tupelo and Hamilton, Alabama, she saw Nels Thorderson, M.D., of Orthopaedic Institute of North Mississippi. Dr. Thorderson performed surgery on both her wrist and heel Jan. 4 at NMMC-Tupelo.

When it came time for therapy, Tate chose NMMC Gilmore-Amory, where she works as a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. “My journey with therapy starts with Miss Susan Sperry at the front desk,” Tate says. “She is always greeting everyone with a smile. Even with her mask on, you can see her smiling. She’s also so helpful and ready to answer any questions.” 

For occupational therapy, Tate works with Stephanie Robbins, Summer Taylor and Madelynn Cockerham. For physical therapy, she works with Kristin Garrett, Rebecca Riddle, Abby Tomlin, Sam McDuffie and Dana Eubank. 

“They have all been so understanding, compassionate, supportive and willing to listen, but also helped me push through lots of excruciating pain that came with starting to walk again and getting my wrist functioning,” Tate says. “Even when I didn’t want to because of the pain, they were there cheering me on.” 

Thanks to their support and Tate’s hard work, she was able to return to work April 16. “I highly recommend this group to anyone who needs therapy,” Tate says. “Together we have seen lots of tears and celebrations. I just love them all!” 

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