Published on May 24, 2022

NMHS Purchases Innovative CPR Training Manikins

New CPR manikinsThey may be manikins, but they’re no dummies. North Mississippi Health Services recently purchased 44 new manikins that take CPR training to the next level.

The Brayden Pro voice-assisted manikins offer real-time feedback of CPR performance and are being used in Basic Life Support classes throughout the organization. Students are required to train on both an adult manikin and an infant one, so NMHS purchased 22 sets.

The manikins link via Bluetooth to an app that records all key CPR metrics on an iPad. When a student performs CPR skills, he or she gets immediate feedback, which has been proven to improve the quality of CPR performance.

Students receive an overall score that highlights performance for eight key CPR parameters (such as compression rate and ventilation volume), as well as a detailed analysis of performance. In addition to feedback on the iPad screen, the manikin’s forehead lights up when compressions are effective to restore blood flow to the brain. On the infant manikin, the chest lights up as the student gives ventilations (breaths)—the lungs flash if the breaths are too big or too hard.

Instructors are excited about the new technology and believe that, while it might take some getting used to manikins that “talk back,” students will value the experience. For more information about Basic Life Support classes, contact Alex Hall, RN,MSN, at (662) 377-4128 or

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