Published on February 08, 2022

NMHS Unveils New Connected Care Carts for Covid-19 Patients 

Connected care cartsConnected care carts at bedsideTUPELO, Mississippi— North Mississippi Health Services unveiled 10 Connected Care carts Tuesday morning during a ceremony in the hospital’s front lobby. These carts will allow patients the opportunity to video chat with their loved one’s while being treated for COVID-19. 

“The need for patients to video communicate with their families has been a recurrent need during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Benton Kilman, M.D., chief medical informatics officer, North Mississippi Health Services.  “Many patients do not have their own video communication devices, and this will allow our patients to connect with their family members while they’re being treated.”

The carts were purchased through a $20,000 grant awarded by Toyota Motor North America to the Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi.

“This is what Toyota is all about – giving back is in our DNA,” said Toyota Vice President of Administration Emily Lauder. “My hope is that providing this connected technology to patients and their families will alleviate any mental or emotional stress caused by isolation.”

The generous donation allowed HCF to purchase the carts, which are equipped with iPads and will be rolled to rooms of COVID-19 patients.

“The Health Care Foundation is proud to be part of this exciting addition to our hospital’s telehealth program,” said Steven Blaylock, HCF president. “Family and friends will be able to talk to their loved ones who are in a vulnerable state recovering from COVID-19. We feel that this communication will help heal their hearts as well as their bodies.”

“This truly encompasses our health care system’s mission, vision and values,” said Shane Spees, chief executive officer, North Mississippi Health Services. “This is what connected feels like.”

The Health Care Foundation is currently working to purchase more Connected Care carts for NMHS community hospitals. To donate to the Foundation, visit

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