Published on August 01, 2022

NMMC Gilmore-Amory Names Kerr as Star of the Quarter

Katie KerrAMORY, Mississippi—Registered nurse Katie Kerr has been selected by her peers as North Mississippi Medical Center Gilmore-Amory’s Star of the Quarter.

Kerr works in the hospital’s Emergency Department and has been employed by NMMC Gilmore-Amory since 2019.

“I have watched Katie for almost three years now grow from a rookie nurse to experienced,” wrote a coworker. “Just like a proud mother, I want to praise her for her true nursing core values!” The coworker wrote about an extremely busy night in the Emergency Department during which Kerr worked tirelessly to help her patients.

“Katie stayed close by to all four rooms meticulously all night—I do not think she let up to even eat that night,” her coworker wrote. “She closely cared for those patients... watching for changes in status, changing diapers, monitoring vital signs, speaking with family members, administering vital meds... and caring for each patient as if they were her own family. Katie cares for her patients so deeply. During their dark times, Katie served as their light for the night.”

Kerr earned an associate degree in nursing from Bevill State University in Hamilton. Alabama, in 2018 and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus in 2020. She is certified in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum, Pediatric Advanced Live Support, Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course and Advanced Stroke Life Support.

“The best part of my job is being able to help my patients in their difficult times,” Kerr said. “I love to be able to help them feel better and figure out what is wrong with them.”

She also appreciates her coworkers at NMMC Gilmore-Amory. “I would not be able to do my job without my coworkers—the nurses, techs, clerks and doctors. We are definitely a team and a family,” she said. “We strive to do our best, and it makes me be able to do what I love best.”

Her parents are Keith and Cindy Kerr, and she has a brother, Nathan. She is engaged to marry Brody McClain and attends First Baptist Church in Sulligent, Alabama.

NMMC Gilmore-Amory’s Star of the Quarter is selected by a team of employees.

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