You're Worth A Shot

North Mississippi Physicians Coalition for COVID-19 Vaccination

“Do no harm” goes so far beyond the care and consultation involved in medical appointments. A physician’s oath is a promise to provide a holistic, human experience that nurtures and honors our patients in every aspect of care. It is a promise to share accurate, scientific knowledge, be understanding and warm in their relationships, lean on their colleagues for support, respect patients’ wishes and privacy and prevent disease whenever possible.

As physicians, we combine our science-based education and love for others to make a difference in our communities. The patients throughout our service area are our families, friends, neighbors and coworkers. They are people who attend church services with us, whose children play with our children, who wave at us at red lights, who invite us over for dinner, who fight diseases like COVID-19 alongside us and who truly mean everything to us. Our patients are the reason we chose to pursue careers as physicians and choose to care for this area each day.

With many forms of evolving information around the COVID-19 vaccines, area physicians have come together to not only share good, accurate information and urge community members to receive the vaccine, but also to help educate, train and empower others to lift up the same message.

We urge the public to take heed and engage in conversations with area physicians when considering vaccination. Our years of medical training and experience combined with the unending love and care for the people with which we work and live makes us valuable resources and partners in this fight. You are the heart of our communities and together, we deserve the absolute best information, guidance and care when it comes to our health and well-being.

Because we care about you, we ask that you strongly consider receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. Some of your fellow community members, family and loved ones have died from COVID-19. It is your right as an American to say, “It is my choice, and I am choosing vaccination. I love myself and those around me enough to take this shot.”

Take the COVID-19 vaccine today. Our area physicians are here for you, and we care about you.

You’re worth a shot.

Stay tuned for more messages from our area physicians on the importance of COVID-19 vaccination.

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