Improve Health Resources

Improve Health 2North Mississippi Health Services and our community partners are working together to improve the health of our patients, families and the communities we serve. Here are some resources on ways you can improve your health.

Health Behaviors

Screen for and create access to nutritious foods

Happy Healthy

Develop culturally-appropriate educational programs

Financial Literacy

Financial Management

Healthy Homes Initiative

Family Life Education

Trauma Informed Parenting and Professional Strategies

The PROMISE Initiative

Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers

Develop community coalitions to provide fresh food/ promote community gardens

AIM for CHangE

Master Gardeners

Lawn and Garden programs

Teach food preservation skills

Food Safety at Home

Partner with local wellness centers

Incorporate exercise “prescriptions” into EMR

Organize walking clubs/affinity groups


Promote corporate wellness programs

Health Tips

Benefits of Exercise

Clinical Care

Expand virtual/telehealth offerings

Increase affordable after-hours care and utilize virtual health offerings

Develop strategies to improve access to specialty care

Develop partnerships with public health- state and regional offices

Social and Economic Factors

Collaborate with faith-based networks to coordinate transportation needs

Initiate innovative listen-to-learn community sessions

Utilize community partners to assist those with limited or no insurance and promote efforts to expand coverage

Implement an IT infrastructure to connect with community partners

Utilize faith-based networks to promote nutrition

Develop partnerships with education institutions-early childhood, primary, secondary and post-secondary

Junior Master Wellness Volunteer Program

Rural Medical and Science Scholars

Physical Environment

Develop partnerships with local parks and recreation facilities

MSU Landscape Architecture

Fred Carl, Jr. Small Town Center

Identify community resources e.g. trails, waterway, walking tracks, etc.

MSU Landscape Architecture

Fred Carl, Jr. Small Town Center

Develop partnerships with government-state, regional and local

MSU Extension Center for Government and Community Development

John C. Stennis Institute of Government

Contact Us

If you have questions, need more information about our goals or have recommendations for community partners, please contact our Community Resource Coordinator/Analyst by phone at (662) 377-4677 or email.