Insurance is an important tool to help cover the costs of your health care. Whether you have employer-based insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or individually purchased policies, North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS) patient access specialists can help you obtain the full benefit from your insurance.

Know Your Network

Many insurance plans have specific networks of hospitals, clinics and health care providers they encourage their members to use. These managed care plans - sometimes called an HMO, PPO or POS - may cover your treatment at NMHS. Before scheduling an initial appointment, please call your health plan/insurance company and ask if you have access to health care services at NMHS.

It is important to note that some benefit plans utilize what is referred to as "narrow" or "limited" networks; that is, they further narrow or limit the choices of doctors and hospitals that their customers can use. These networks may exclude NMHS. Additionally, some plans, such as HMOs, have primary care physician referral and/or other authorization guidelines.

If NMHS is not a participating provider, you may still be able to receive treatment here. Contact your insurance company and ask about obtaining authorization.

Dig Deeper

Health insurance rules and eligibility can vary significantly depending on who is funding the plan – employers, individuals, state or federal agencies – and who is processing claims and payments to health care providers – public agencies or private companies. The following categories can help you understand what health insurance plans are accepted at North Mississippi Health Services.

Please Note

NMHS' participation with any product or insurance plan is subject to change without notice. Additionally, insurance companies offer a variety of plans and may change the names and benefits at any point. A patient’s level of coverage depends on the specific benefits outlined in your level of coverage and your plan. To ensure that NMHS and its physicians are in-network, it is the patient's responsibility to verify that NMHS is a participating provider and their benefit plan allows them access as of the day of a visit and/or admission. Please contact your insurance plan to obtain this information.