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  • Amber McGee

    Amber McGee of Baldwyn has been overcoming challenges resulting from her car accident with the help of NMMC's Rehabilitation Services.

  • Derreck Huggins

    Derreck Huggins of Okolona broke his neck and was paralyzed after being ejected from a car in March 2019.

  • Hayden Mobley

    Hayden Mobley celebrated his 21st birthday at NMMC Institute after a head-on collision in 2017 that caused extensive internal injuries and almost cost him his left leg.

  • Keria McPherson

    Keria McPherson is learning to walk again at the NMMC Outpatient Rehabilitation Center.

  • Wesley Webb

    Wesley Webb of Tupelo struggled with a stiff, hurting hip for several years before finally seeing an orthopedic surgeon about it.