Behavioral Health

Sometimes we are faced with sicknesses we cannot overcome by ourselves, such as severe and debilitating depression, incapacitating anxiety or persistent psychological troubles. Mental illnesses affect families, businesses and entire communities. Every year, 42.5 million American adults suffer from some mental illness or enduring condition such as depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

The North Mississippi Medical Center Behavioral Health Center is a place where these individuals can receive excellent care and learn how to live life again. Our treatment team consists of licensed psychiatrists, a psychologist, nurse practitioners, nurses, counselors, social workers, recreation and activity therapists as well as other ancillary staff. Patients' individual needs are met based on the severity of their condition and their ability to participate in group discussion and activities.

Like other medical problems, behavioral disorders may present as acute or chronic, and may lend themselves to crisis intervention. On the other hand, a more relaxed, informal environment may be appropriate to assist people with less severe emotional disorders. 

The NMMC Behavioral Health Center has received the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award for the Patient Experience two of the past three years. To achieve this award, the facility's patient experience scores must average more than 96 percent for that year.

Outpatient Psychiatry

For adults and children dealing with mental health conditions, the NMMC Behavioral Health Center offers outpatient psychiatry services. Our compassionate, board certified psychiatrists will help you find the medications best suited for your unique diagnosis and metabolism while leading you to a happy, healthier state of mind.

Our outpatient psychiatry services address:

  • Depression (including postpartum)
  • Anxiety
  • Other psychiatric conditions
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Mood disorders

Appointments are now available via Telehealth. Telehealth brings our specialty psychiatric care right to your community by allowing you to see one of our psychiatrists in the nearest participating clinic. The telehealth consult is transmitted via a secure Internet source through video equipment and computers in the exam room that is connected to the provider's computer. We are happy to provide this service to our patients in order to save you time, travel and resources. Telehealth appointments are equivalent to in-person care in diagnostic accuracy, treatment effectiveness, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Outpatient Psychiatry Behavioral Health Clinic-Oxford

Our Oxford location is simply an extension of our outpatient psychiatry clinic in Tupelo. It was put in place in order to serve those patients living in the Oxford area as well as the faculty, staff and students of the University of Mississippi. 

Intensive Outpatient Care

NMMC Behavioral Health Center offers an intermediate level of care through our Intensive Outpatient Program. Licensed staff create individualized treatment plans for those struggling with depression, addictions, anxiety, adjustment disorders, bipolar disorder, grief and loss. The program includes individual and group therapy, medication management provided by a board-certified psychiatrist, and referrals for follow-up care at program end.

Therapy sessions cover a wide range of skill-building topics to provide individualized care including goal setting, coping, self-esteem, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and self-defeating behaviors.

Intensive outpatient care for seniors is also offered at NMMC-Pontotoc.

Adult Inpatient Care (18 years or above)

The Adult Inpatient Program at NMMC Behavioral Health Center provides diagnostic and treatment services for individuals who are in acute crisis because of mental illness, emotional distress, destructive behavior patterns, challenging life transitions or difficulties coping with daily life. Patients struggling with depression, suicidal intentions, anxiety, hallucinations, paranoia, mood swings or destructive anger may benefit from this additional support and treatment.

Our program is made up of a team of licensed individuals who will work together to develop a personalized treatment plan in a safe, therapeutic environment. Family involvement is encouraged and is often integrated into patient treatment. Our program is designed to stabilize patients who need a more controlled environment for healing and to facilitate a smooth return to daily life. After stabilization, we offer a variety of outpatient treatment programs to provide continued healing.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is a safe, painless alternative option for those with depression who cannot tolerate antidepressants or for whom antidepressants do not work. TMS uses a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to what is used in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. While the patient is awake and alert, TMS therapy stimulates areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

TMS therapy is an in-office treatment that takes 20-40 minutes and is performed while the patient sits in a chair. Treatment consists of sessions administered five days a week, for up to four to six weeks. The patient is monitored by a licensed psychiatrist throughout the process.

Many types of patients may benefit from TMS treatment, including:

  • Patients who cannot tolerate SSRIs (antidepressants) because of excessive weight gain or other side effects
  • Patients who show no progress on SSRIs
  • Patients who are pregnant or have a medical condition in which taking an SSRI is not safe.

Patients may return to normal activity immediately after treatment.

TMS is covered by most insurance. Check with your insurance provider for more details.

Child & Adolescent Services

NMMC Behavioral Health offers outpatient services for children and adolescents ages 6-18.

Services available include:

  • Psychiatry in clinic and via Telehealth
  • Counseling for:
    • Depression
    • Parent/child relational difficulties
    • Anxiety
    • Conduct problems

Make an Appointment

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (662) 377-3161 or 1-800-THE DESK (1-800-843-3375).