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Improve Health logoNorth Mississippi Health Services' mission is to improve the health of our patients, families and the communities we serve. Where we are born, live, work and age affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes. According to the County Health Rankings Model, social determinants of health have an influence on length and quality of life. We are connecting with partners in our region to address these needs.

These partners will help us identify community resources. Our goal is that in every stage of life, our patients and families can expect good health outcomes regardless of their social conditions.

Our community goal is to reduce preventable disease, illness and injury. We are also interested in improving social and behavioral factors that have a negative effect on the health of the people of our region.

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Improve Health -- Goals and Plans

Increase Access to Preventive Service

  • Expand virtual/telehealth offerings
  • Collaborate to explore transportation needs
  • Initiate innovative listen-to-learn community sessions
  • Utilize partners to assist those with limited or no insurance
  • Increase affordable after-hours care
  • Improve access to specialty care

Develop a Nutritionally Aware Community Culture

  • Screen for and create access to nutritious foods
  • Develop culturally-appropriate educational programs
  • Develop community coalitions to provide fresh food/promote community gardens
  • Teach food preservation skills
  • Utilize established networks to promote nutrition

Increase Physical Activity and Promote Exercise as Medicine

  • Partner with local wellness centers and gyms
  • Develop partnerships with local parks/recreation facilities
  • Utilize exercise "prescriptions"
  • Organize walking clubs
  • Promote corporate wellness programs
  • Identify community resources, e.g., trails, walking tracks, etc.

Develop Partnerships with Public Entities

  • Public health -- state and regional offices
  • Education Institutions -- early childhood, primary, secondary and post-secondary
  • Government -- state, regional and local

Community Partners

We’re pleased to partner with the following on our health improvement goals:

Access Community Health Services

City of Tupelo

Connective Care LLC

Good Samaritan Health Services

Mississippi State University

NOON Tupelo (inside Farmhouse)

North Mississippi Medical Center Diabetes Prevention Program


Snap Fitness of Tupelo

Tupelo Parks and Recreation

Tupelo Running Club

United Way of Northeast Mississippi

Please check back for updates on our health improvement goals and community partners.

Contact Us

If you have questions, need more information about our goals or have recommendations for community partners, please contact our Community Resource Coordinator/Analyst by phone at (662) 377-4677 or email.