DOT Certification

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specific regulations and guidelines for the medical examination of commercial motor vehicle drivers. Truck driving has the third highest fatality rate among common occupations in the United States. For this reason it is very important to ensure that all drivers meet the regulations set forth. While the health of the individual driver is important, the primary responsibility of the physician performing the commercial driver's license (CDL) health exam is to ensure the safety of the general public. For this reason, the guidelines have become more specific regarding certain health conditions.

The mission at Work Link is to provide our clients with a comprehensive medical exam that corresponds with the most up-to-date guidelines outlined by the FMCSA. The evaluation for a CDL exam includes a standardized history and medication review, in addition to the physical examination. We anticipate that many drivers who have been previously certified or who are seeking initial certification may be unable to meet these standards.

To prevent potential delays and DOT certification problems, please carefully review this guide. Our goal is to successfully recertify each and every driver on time, so please help us make it happen for you and your employees. As always, we welcome your questions or concerns regarding this matter and look forward to ensuring that your company has healthy drivers on the road.

If you have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, or require sedating medications, you will need to provide additional information before receiving your DOT health card. We will ask for this information BEFORE issuing a final recommendation for card duration, so please bring it with you on the day of your exam.

High Blood Pressure

  • List of current medications and dosages
  • Blood pressure must be within range per DOT guidelines (<140/90) on day of exam
  • Letter from physician stating compliance with treatment recommended.


  • List of current medications and dosages
  • Recent hemoglobin A1C (within past three months)
  • Levels must demonstrate adequate control (A1C <8%)
  • Diabetics requiring insulin for control of disease must receive a waiver through the Federal Diabetes Exemption Program before exam to be qualified.

Heart Disease

  • List of current medications and dosages
  • Current ETT (treadmill test) within past two years
  • If no ETT, MUST have letter of clearance from cardiologist
  • Heart disease is complex and requirements differ for different types of disease. For example, if a patient has had open heart surgery, ETT is required annually. Please contact our office for specific questions related to heart disease requirements.

Sleep Apnea

  • Copy of most recent sleep study and/or CPAP compliance data
  • Compliance = use of CPAP >4 hours daily on at least 70% of days
  • Letter from specialist stating compliance with therapy is recommended

Sedating Medications

  • Note from prescribing provider to include:
    • Diagnosis
    • Medication
    • Dosage
    • Statement that you are safe to drive while taking this medication
Check the DOT website for more information on recertification and frequently asked questions.

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