Amber McGee

Amber McGeeAmber McGee of Baldwyn has been overcoming challenges resulting from her car accident with the help of occupational therapist Amy Moody and others at NMMC’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. On Oct. 19, Amber was thrown through the passenger side window and landed on the pavement, suffering a traumatic brain injury, broken neck and broken ankle. She spent time at NMMC’s Rehabilitation Institute for intensive therapy before being discharged home Nov. 29. While her ankle and neck healed nicely, NMMC’s outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapists are helping with right side weakness, endurance, visual tracking and memory loss. “We work on attention to detail as she manages her money, her appointments, things at home,” Amy said. “Because she was a truck driver, we work on problem-solving by having her figure out the best routes from place to place.” Amber can already tell a big difference. “I can stand up longer and walk a whole lot better,” Amber said. “I can hold things better now, and my vision problems are getting better.”

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