Virtual Care

If you’re in need of health care but uneasy about visiting an urgent care or doctor’s office in person, we can help. North Mississippi Health Services now offers virtual visits with your provider from the safety and comfort of your home. Virtual care is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a way to get care and advice from your trusted health care provider.

On-Demand Urgent Care Visits - myconnectionNOW

Urgent Care virtual visits allow you to connect with a board-certified doctor for conditions like the cold and flu, allergies, respiratory infection, sore throat and more through myconnectionNow. Benefits include:

  • Talk to a board-certified doctor anytime, anywhere (24/7/365)
  • Receive quality care via phone, web or mobile app
  • Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy of choice

Download the app today by searching myconnectionNOW or visit to get started. On-demand urgent care visits are payable by credit card or debit card only and cannot be billed to your insurance. The cost for a myconnectionNOW visit is $59.


Need to see an Urgent Care provider but want to skip the trip? NMHS now offers convenient E-Visits with our Urgent Care providers seven days a week exclusively for myConnection users. If you are not already using myConnection, enrolling is free and easy here.

Simply log into myConnection and request an E-Visit. If you request a visit between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., you should expect a response from us within four hours. Outside these hours, you can expect a response from us the following day.

You can breathe easier knowing a team you know and trust is responding to your request. Our providers have years of experience in meeting the primary care needs of adults and children.

Coordinated Care
Our systemwide electronic health record gives our providers a glimpse into your history, so they can tailor their treatment plan for you. When follow-up care is needed, your primary care provider who is part of our health system can view a summary of the E-Visit and coordinate ongoing care without asking you to recall all the details.

E-visits are payable by credit card and debit card only and cannot be billed to your insurance. The cost for an E-visit is $29. Your card will not be charged until the visit is complete.

E-visits are recommended for these conditions:

  • Sinus problemspatient doing virtual visit
  • Cough
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Red eye
  • Heartburn
  • Urinary problems
  • Vaginal discharge/irritation
  • Diarrhea

Get Started
Access myConnection on your computer or the “My Chart” app on your smartphone. Then click the "E-visit” icon.

Virtual Video Visits

An In-clinic Experience Online

Virtual Video Visits allow you to connect with your Primary Care or Urgent Care Provider through any video capable device. If you have a computer, smartphone or other mobile device, you can have an appointment. How easy is that?

Through MyConnection, schedule a visit with your provider during regular clinic hours.

You can have follow-up for conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes from the convenience of your home. There are also many new complaints like sinus problems, cough, back pain, headache, red eye, heartburn, urinary problems and others which a physician or nurse practitioner can evaluate and treat through a simple video visit. A nurse will call you before your Virtual Video Visit to verify information such as your medication list, health history and allergies. This allows your health care provider to treat your conditions in the best way possible. You can stay safely in your home without concerns for exposure to illnesses which could impact your health.

Virtual Video Visits are currently covered by all major insurers.

Instructions for a Virtual Video Visit

Instructions for myConnection Video Visit

Instructions for a Virtual Video Visit using Microsoft Teams

myConnection Video Visit Troubleshooting

myConnection Video Visit Patient Instructions

Telephone Visits

If you are unable to complete a virtual video visit and you have a simple medical problem—whether new or a pre-existing condition that needs ongoing management—you can reach out to any of our clinics for a personal Telephone Visit with one of our providers. The doctor or nurse practitioner can evaluate your condition to see if it can be treated adequately over a phone call or if it needs further evaluation.

Telephone Visits are currently covered by all major insurers.

We're Here for You

If you desire a traditional in clinic visit, we’re here for you. Please call and let us serve you today. And remember for a connection to our team 24 hours a day, seven days per week, just call Nurse Link at 1-800-882-6274.

Using computerized medical protocols, nurses direct callers to the most appropriate medical treatment. This service is available in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee and is supported by local physicians as needed. Our team members will be glad to help you and make an appointment for you with any of our providers across the region.


myConnection is your secure, online connection that provides convenient, 24/7 access to your personal health and care plan. Learn how myConnection can help you.

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