Daphne Clement

Daphne ClementShortly after Daphne Clement, Information Technology Services director for NMMC Gilmore-Amory, helped with programming for Virtual Video Visits for the hospital and local clinics, she took advantage of one herself. “Three days after demonstrating our first Virtual Video Visit at the hospital, I woke up sick and knew immediately I had a recurrence of a known problem,” Daphne says. “I also knew that I would need a round of antibiotics to get over my symptoms.” Nurse practitioner Teresa Stanford of Amory Medical Clinic has cared for Daphne for years and knows her health history better than anyone. “She also knows that I do not go to the doctor unless I am really sick,” Daphne says. “When I called the office, a telehealth visit was scheduled immediately and completed later that same day.”

 “Although virtual visits are not ideal, they have allowed us to continue treating our patients,” Teresa says. “We can take care of some acute problems and continue care for patients with stable chronic problems. “In Daphne’s case, this is a recurrent problem that has been successfully treated in the past. I was able to evaluate and treat her symptoms without having to risk bringing her into the clinic.” Last year Teresa herself benefited from a virtual visit with a neurologist while being treated in the Emergency Department. “I did not imagine just a few months later as a provider that I would be able to treat my patients virtually,” she says.

 Daphne was thankful to be seen quickly without having to miss work or sit in a waiting room where she could have been exposed to other illnesses. “After starting my antibiotics that same day, my symptoms resolved quickly,” she says. “It was a wonderful experience and helped me to get better faster. I’m spoiled now and will be requesting Virtual Video Visits whenever possible with my future health care needs.”