Jim Jones

Jim Jones virtual visitJim Jones recently experienced what he says was a first for him at West Tupelo Medical Clinic—a “drive-in” appointment for blood work and a Virtual Video Visit with Dr. Bonnie Basler. “The drive-in blood work was smooth as silk,” Jim says. “I drove up to the side door and called the given number, and within a couple of minutes a tech approached my car door and invited me in. We went straight to the lab where she drew several vials of blood. She put a bandage on the needlestick area, and I left. I was not in the clinic more than 10 minutes. Best blood draw experience of my life.”

Dr. Basler’s assistant called to ask some questions and set up a Virtual Video Visit appointment. “The assistant asked me the routine questions just as if I were in the room with her, but I was sitting on my couch. It took maybe 10 minutes,” Jim said. “Then at the appointment time, Dr. Basler and I discussed my medical history and situation, and even though she was in a different location from me, there was no loss of functionality. It too was the best doctor visit I have ever experienced. A day later I received the documentation of the visit through myConnection, another great tool provided by the clinic.”

Dr. Basler is an enthusiastic proponent of virtual care, noting that it’s easy, personal, safe and convenient. “Virtual video visits are awesome! With our need to shelter in place, patients have turned to video visits to get the care they need,” Dr. Basler says. “From the comfort of home, we have a face-to-face! Just like in-person visits, we discuss medical conditions and refill medications. If lab work is needed, patients drive up for this prior to the visit. And there are no worries about the technology—it is very easy! Our staff helps patients step-by-step.”

Now that Jim has found his favorite way to get care, he can rest assured that this convenient virtual option is here to stay. “I hope they will continue the program even after this virus is whipped,” he says. “Saved me lots of time.”