Published on March 14, 2022

City Hall Lights Up Blue for Colon Cancer Awareness Month

In Conjunction with Run for Your Buns

city hall lit up blueTUPELO, Mississippi—In celebration of Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Tupelo City Hall is lit blue throughout March, culminating with Run for Your Buns Colon Cancer Awareness 5K to be held on Saturday, April 2, in downtown Tupelo.

“Colon cancer continues to have a huge impact on our area and the people of Mississippi,” said gastroenterologist Stephen Amann, M.D. “We are hopeful that highlighting National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and the blue light on City Hall will encourage people to get colon cancer screening done for themselves and their family. Colon cancer screening works!”

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in men and women in the United States. However, it is preventable. According to Dr. Amann, regular screening for everyone over age 45 (or earlier depending on risk factors) can prevent colon cancer from developing. Colon cancer usually begins as a benign growth called a polyp, and polyps can be removed during a screening colonoscopy.

“Colon cancer awareness is a cause that is near and dear to me as it has touched the lives of my own friends and family members,” said Tupelo Mayor Todd Jordan. “We will be lighting City Hall blue throughout March in recognition of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It is our hope that this will help remind people to take advantage of testing that can detect colon cancer in its earliest stages.”

For more information on colon cancer screening, call (662) 377-5885 or 1-800-THE DESK (1-800-843-3375). To sign up for Run for Your Buns 5K, visit

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