Published on May 10, 2022

EXTRAOrdinary Elias Virtual Auction Set for May 15-27

Benefitting local hospice patients

EXTRAordinary posterFULTON, Mississippi—The Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi will hold a virtual auction on May 15-27 to benefit the North Mississippi Medical Center Hospice Fund, which helps hospice patients in north Mississippi. To participate in the auction, text ELIAS to 243725 or visit

The original artwork and signed editions of novels that are available in the auction were gathered by 14-year-old Elias Mask of Fulton.

Elias is realizing his lifelong dream of being a published author while also enriching the lives of others.

Elias, a ninth-grader at Itawamba Agricultural High School, recently published his first book, “The EXTRA Ordinary Life of Elias.” The book is the first in a series of four that Elias began writing at age 10, and he has chosen to donate the proceeds of that book to the NMMC Hospice Fund as well.

“It all started back when I was 5 years old and my grandfather Elias required hospice,” said Elias, who traveled with his mother to California to be by his side. “Being 5, I didn’t really grasp just how sick he was, but I did know my entire family was very sad and crying a lot.” The hospice team quickly endeared themselves to Elias’ family.

“They comforted my mother and even took me for ice cream occasionally,” he said. “They were with us every step of the way. I want the proceeds from my book to give back to a group of people who are often overlooked—hospice. It will be with an emphasis on kids who are affected when medical tragedies strike their families.”

According to his father, Elias is very tenderhearted, always wanting to help others. “With the world in the midst of pandemic and health care professionals overwhelmed, cancer and other terminal illnesses never let up, causing even more stress to our heroes in hospice—I call them heroes because I’ve witnessed their superpowers firsthand,” Elias said. “I’m happy my book allows me to have a larger rock to make a bigger ripple that will hopefully circle our world and help our planet be a better place for everyone.”

“I would appreciate everyone’s support,” Elias said, “and in return we will make the world a happier place for everyone.”

For more information on the NMMC Hospice Fund or the auction, call (662) 377-3613.         

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