Your First Visit at Outpatient Infusion

Your first appointment with Outpatient Infusion will take longer than the rest of your visits, because medication orders and your personal information have to be entered into our computer systems. After you check in, orders are sent to a unit coordinator and entered into a computer system, where a pharmacist checks them for accuracy. The medications are mixed by a certified pharmacy technician in a sterile room. If you need lab work, that will be done first, and it can sometimes take up to an hour to get results.

outpatient infusion nurse and patient

When you are ready to begin, you will be taken to the treatment room, where each patient has a recliner and personal TV with headphones. You will be given a set of headphones at your first appointment to use each time you come to Outpatient Infusion. Depending on your treatment, it may take several hours to complete. Some snacks and drinks are available, but you may want to bring lunch or something to do, such as a book or crossword puzzles, to pass the time.

Family members and visitors are welcome to come with you and wait in the reception area, but for the comfort and privacy of other patients, are asked to limit their time in the treatment room. Because many of our patients have compromised immune systems, children under 14 or visitors who are sick are not allowed in the treatment area.

Pediatric Patients

Because our pediatric patients sometimes need special care, there is a separate waiting area and treatment room for them. Parents can accompany pediatric patients the entire time they are at Outpatient Infusion.


The staff follows up with each patient to check on progress and treatment regimen, and shares that report with the doctor.


Outpatient Services are billed through the NMMC Business Office located at 1494 Cliff Gookin Blvd. All insurance will be billed first. The Business Office will mail a statement of charges and, after all insurance has been billed and paid, the Business Office will send you a bill. Payment in full can be made to the NMMC Business Office or monthly payments can be arranged by contacting Tupelo Service Finance.

*It is the patient's responsibility to pre-certify any and all visits through his/her insurance if necessary.

Contact Us

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